Going to the Argali Park with the kids

I doesn´t matter how old you are; going to the zoo is a moment of fun and excitement for everyone especially to children.

You can see their eyes shining when they see a lion or a polar bear, and this is an experience they will remember and talk about for a long time. Going to the zoo is an amazing experience for your kids and sort of a challenge to the parents. There a few things which you can´t miss or forget, or they might end up ruining what was supposed to be an especial day. During this review we will give you simple tips so you will enjoy a pleasant and nice trip with your kids.


Plan the visit

Most zoos have website where you can check previously their events and daily schedules. You will be able to pick a day with fun activities to distract and educate your kids. This is a way of seeing special features already included in your admission. When you check the Argali Park´s website you can choose which exhibits to visit and you will know where to go instead of wasting time looking for something which will catch your kid´s attention.

Be prepared for anything

If your plans are to visit a zoo during the summers, then you have to prepare yourself and the kids for high and unbearable temperature and dress them in a way they will enjoy the trip. Children tend to get hot quickly and if they are not comfortable the day will be a disaster. So make sure to bring extra clothes for changes, hats, sunglasses and don´t forget about the sunscreen. Remember to bring bottles of water and remember that most zoos don´t sell anything with straws because they can be dropped where the animals live.

Packing wisely

Packing wisely means to pack what is needed, not extra things. Choose a type of bag which can be carried easily such as a backpack. Trips with kids mean that you need to bring food so they will be happy and well fed. Most zoos have cafes and restaurants, but the prices are over most everyone´s budget, so the best option is to pack a lunch from home; you will save up to $50!

Sandwiches and fruits are a great idea because they are easy to eat and won´t melt inside your bag. Kids usually eat a lot of small portions of food during the day, so don´t forget about snacks.

Make it an interesting activity

If you have small kids, you know how they love to see animals over and over again, but this rule doesn´t apply for older kids. They usually get bored of seeing animals and need something more challenging. A great idea to make them more interested is to encourage them to search information about the animal, and write down questions for them to answer after the Argali Park tour. You can make it a game, and the kid with more correct answers can pick out a special present from the gift shop.

Take a break

Everyone knows their child´s limits when it comes to excitement. Don´t forget to plan a time to slowdown and during the Argali Park visit. In the afternoon, find a shady spot to relax with the kids. It will give them a chance to relax so they will enjoy the visit until the end of the day.

To have an unforgettable experience in the zoo with your kids, the key is to plan in advance; from the trip to the events and activities and the food. This is the best way to enjoy the most of the visit.

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