How to prepare for an amusement park

If you live in the USA, you know how many different theme parks there are spread around the country.

There are options for everyone; from the one who enjoy thrills and high roller coasters, to those who prefer something lighter to have a good time with their kids.

You can see your favorite characters from your childhood movies in Disneyland or face your worst nightmares in Universal Studios Hollywood walking among the Walking Dead. That´s why Americans love their amusement parks and this review is all about helping to prepare for these parks.


Plan your visit

First step is to think about what you and your family are in the mood for. Lots of roller coaster and other radical attractions or a theme park with theater, movies, and your favorite series backstage to visit? America´s amusement parks have everything you might want so spend some time searching online for the type of attraction you enjoy. Make sure to know prices of tickets as well, so when you get there you won´t have a surprise. Most of America´s theme parks allow you to buy your tickets online and they offer discount for larger groups.

Where to stay and food

If you are not going to stay in a hotel inside the park itself, it is a good idea to find a place to crash nearby the park. You don´t want a faraway hotel which you make you take a 30 minute bus everyday to the park, do you? Most parks have hotels inside of them, such as Disneyland, but you may find them a little more expensive them a city hotel.

Now, when it comes to food it also comes to money. Food in theme parks tends to cost the double of what it would cost in a supermarket, so make sure to take enough money, and plan your meal with anticipation.

Don´t forget about the map

Some theme parks in America are so big that they look like a city, so it will be impossible to see all attractions in one single day. So the best thing to do is to grab a map and mark the places you want to see the most; it will prevent you from walking around in vain without finding what you really wanted, and you´ll end up with a sore feet. It is also a good idea to take some pills with you in case you have nausea or a terrible headache after that roller coaster ride.

Dressing and takings

Forget about fancy and uncomfortable clothes; an amusement park is a place to have fun and feel free! Light clothes are the best bet but don´t forget a jacket. Tennis is also the best option instead of other types of shoes which will make your feet hot and sweaty. To do not make any mistakes and wear the right clothes, check the weather report before you leave your home.

If you want to take your own food, check online what type of food the park permits and if they offer storage.

It´s all about comfort

If you´re a woman or a man with long hair, make sure to tie it up; you don´t your hair to get tangled on a windy ride! Do not wear earrings; take plenty of sunscreen and a water bottle. It is important to keep hydrated.

American´s amusement parks are all about fun and happiness, and it doesn´t matter which one you choose. Take your best mood and thirsty for adventure. You will live unforgettable moments especially if you follow these simple tips!


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