The mission of the association is to protect and restore the nature, help implementing laws of nature protection, involve locals into nature protection activities, preserving the original and indigenous biodiversity of the area, join International Network of Nature Conservations and cooperating with government and non-government organizations on nature conservation issues. The Association started its activities with project "Nature conservation and developing local community based tourism” sponsored by UNDP and Global Environmental Facilities /GEF/ in 2003.

Activities 2007

    Nature Conservation Activities
Giving hay and salt-lick to the herd of wild sheep in Mt. Baits, protected area, were organized in 13-14 Jan 2007. The Local Community Association, the “Selena Travel” LLC, the Local Administration Authority, ranger N. Gurragchaa and some of the local people took part in this work actively. Salt-lick was placed on two kinds of spot of Baits Mountain, and the piece of hay was placed on main territory of the argali wild sheep lived in.
The research team S. Amgalanbaatar, the head of “Argali” center and researcher of wild mountain sheep of Mongolia, Daniel Jackson, the researcher of the USA, and J. Batbold, an advisor of the association and doctor of Biology surveyed about ecology abundance and population structure of wild sheep in 3 days. Although this research was redone on 28 Aug 2007, the final report is being processed by using information from rangers.


S. Ariuntsetseg, the member of board, has been counting ecology abundance and carrying out an observation of population structure of wild sheep since 1 Oct 2007, and she will append the result of observation to the report.
B. Oyuntsetseg, doctor and teacher in Department of Botany of The Mongolian National University, teacher Nyambayar and student N. Tuvshinjargal performed research systematic of plants (flora analysis) on 22-27 Jul 2007. As a result of this research, Guidebook called “Plants of Nature Reserve Land” in Gun-Gluut will be published for tourists coming here. Also, N. Tuvshinjargal, based on the result of research, is participating in Research Conference of Students.


Although road to the corner of Mt. Baits was closed by chain-link fencing in order of the Governor and the Citizens’ Representative Khural of soum, that fencing got broken. So the particular fund from the Community Association was devoted to place two roads ditches lengths of 10 and 150 m, depths of 2 m and widths of 1.5 m to the Kernel River on the corner of Mt. Baits and valley of Michigan by chartering heavy mechanism and technology on 24-25 Jun 2007. The association spent 600 thousand togrogs for this work. In result of this work, since automobiles’ movement going around the corner of Mt. Baits was ceased, the herds of argali wild sheep go to water easily. N. Byambadorj, a member of board, organized this work on his own, and some members took part in actively.


We detected illegal acts that “Zereglee” LLC, under the jurisdiction of Ulaanbaatar, got permission illegally to hunt the wild mountain sheep in Gun-Galuut NR an according to information from rangers on 27 October. After policemen of Baganuur district took part in this work and informed to Minister of the Environment, they held meeting about this problem with the Governor of soum and solved to stop the illegal hunting on 28 October. S. Ariuntsetseg and project advisor J. Batbold took part in this work actively.


We processed and proposed the project “To Protect Tsengiin Burd” to Pacific Asia Tourism Agencies /PATA/ in August and the project “Community-based conservation initiative in Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve, Mongolia ” to Tourism Cares in September. Now we are waiting the final responds of those projects. J. Batbold led the project, Ch. Shurentsetseg and G. Enkhtuul took part in this work actively.

    Activities of tourism
Ranger Enkhsaikhan stationed on the main gate of Nature Reserve and G.Otgonbayar on mountain valley of Galuut gave tourist maps and litterbags for about 2500 tourists from 1 May to 1 October. In necessary situation, we served them introducing about Nature Reserve and showing the habitats of animals and birds by translators. We refund 6132.5 thousand togrogs for our fund from entrance fee Mongolian and foreign tourists paid. J. Purevsuren, manager of “Steppe Nomads” tourist resort, took part in this work actively.
We got the chance to earn over 5 million togrogs for the local citizens and the Community Association by carrying out over 10 kinds of serves without any problems. Such as, local guide, serving by horses, camels, yaks and cart travel, home stay, etc., J. Ganbold, a member of board, was in charge of this action to organize, and some members and local citizens took part in actively.
“The Nomads Day Festival ” was organized with the cooperation of the Central Mongolia Development Agency, the Governor Office of Bayandelger soum, “Selena Travel” LLC, “Steppe Nomads” tourist resort, etc., around the Gun-Galuut on 17-18 Sep 2007. Over 80 foreign tourists and about 300 Mongolian tourists took part widely in this day. G. Batbayar, J. Ganbold,N. Byambadorj, N. Gurragchaa and D. Enkhsaikhan and other many people took part in very actively.

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