What is a Walk In Tub? Everything you need to know

Walk in tubs are designed to offer safety for people with any movement disability. They look different from regular tubs because they have a door, which makes life easier for elderly for example, which find a hard time stepping over the side of a normal tub.

That´s the main feature which makes them different from the others and much safer. Their depth is also different and they have seats. Some models are designed especially for wheel chairs, and the person can be transferred from easily from the chair to the tub. Walk in tubs were designed to help people with disability to feel more comfortable during bathing.


These types of tubs are also great to help people who suffer from problems like sore muscles, low back pain, arthritis and so on.

Like mentioned above, for people on a wheel chair they are absolutely perfect. People suffering from vertigo also don´t feel confident when it comes to bath tubs. Regular ones usually don´t have grab bars and even if they do, that´s not enough. Walk in tub have not only special grab bars, but they also have seats so they person will bath safely and comfortable,  go check more about walk in tub review on this site.


One of the great things about walk in tubs is that people can choose all features including the side to which the door will open; whatever is more convenient for any reason. The doors on these tubs are designed to seal shut so there is no chance that water will leak. These tubs are made with two types of materials, fiberglass and acrylic and they are available in 2 different models available; portable and fixed walk in tubs. Portable walk in tubs are practical because you can take them anywhere in the house.

They are equipped with wheel to transport with ease. They are perfect for people which really can´t go anywhere; permanent disabled for example.

Then we have fixed walk in tubs which are installed permanently in your bathroom. Both are great options, you just have to consider your needs. Walk in tubs are designed to offer the maximum when it comes to relaxing baths, and that´s why they are available in different models such as air bath and bathtub. There are styles to choose which you give you the feeling of being at a SPA. From combo massages to whirlpool, walk in tubs are the best option to relieve not only sore muscles and also stress.

The main problem with regular tubs is that people with balance issues are afraid to use them, and they have their reason. Stepping in and out is very dangerous, and it could end up being a fatal accident. Stop worrying about your loved one while he or she is bathing, or stop having panic attacks every time you thing about getting inside a bath; you and your family have the right to enjoy great baths anytime and independently. If you have Medicare, make sure to consult them. We wish you good luck.


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